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Edition #237

Kradam_news is VERY short on editors. We NEED YOU!!! You don't have to be super familiar with code and you'd only have to update the newsletter every few weeks.

As Adam and Kris's activity increases again, we'll either need more hands on deck, or we'll need to drop fanfic from the updates and become news-only. Help us out!!!

Please email the mods at if you're interested!

Before you comment to the newsletter, please make sure you have read the community FAQs carefully [HERE]


Cover of 'Trespassing' released by Adam, via adamlambertetc
ET Canada Interview, via adamlambertetc
Access Hollywood Interview, via adamlambertetc
Trespassing Previews Make a Splash in the UK, via adamofficial
Adam Reveals Dream Glee Gig, via adamlambertetc
BTIKM Behind the Scenes Video + Screencaps, via adamlambertetc
Adam talks with Yahoo! about Trespassing, via adamofficial
Adam Performs at Q-Music Snowcase in Austria + Gives A Preview of Song "Trespassing", via adamlambertetc
Q-Music Interview, via adamlambertetc

Kris talking to @clevvernews, via krisallenmedia
Kris doing a show at the Mint February 9, via krisallenmedia
Kris Sheds His 'Super Nice Guy' Image and album details, via krisallenmedia
Full Clevver News Interview, via krisallenmedia
Hot 99.5 Article on Kris's (Potential) New Single, via krisallenmedia

New Communities/Fansites.
Author/Artist sign-ups for Kradam Big Bang 3, via kradambigbang

Fanfic: Kris/Adam.
The Ultimate Choose Your Own Adventure, by fictionfreak15 (NC-17) - Note: includes other Adam pairings
You're Guaranteed To Run This Town, Chapter 23, by redkislington (PG-13)
Money Can Buy You Love. And Glitter. Chapter 51.2, by camillecarelli (PG-13)
Talk Sondheim To Me, by eirana_regan (R)
Kickin' It on Route 66 ~ New Mexico 6 - 3, by cunningdeb (PG)
Brotherly Love, Chapter 68, by mhobbs0430 (NC-17)
I'll Pick Up These Broken Pieces Til I'm Bleeding, Chapter 1, by glamorga95 (PG-13) Subsequent Chapters Posted.
Whiskey Lullaby, Chapter 2, by revontulet_iam (PG-13)
A Birthday Surprise, by cunningdeb (NC-17)

Fanfic: Adam/Other.
The Traveler, Chapters 5 & 6, by jonne_bunny (Adam/Sauli, NC-17)
Bite Me, Chapter 5, by sugarmouse (Adam/Tommy, NC-17) Subsequent chapters posted.
Leap of Faith, Chapter 11, by aidalma (Adam/OMC, R)
Spoil of War, by toobusy2write (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Scars, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
The Way You Touch Me, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Drain Me, Drain You, by xrazorbladesky (Adam/Tommy, R)
Worthy, Chapter 19, by dreamsofspike (Adam/Kurt (Glee), R)
Save Me, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Wake Me Up, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
With a Smile Like Death, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Progression, by i_amthecosmos (Adam/Tommy, Adam/Sauli, PG-13)
Sleepyhead, by i_amthecosmos (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Welcome to the Dungeon, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Another Year Older, by jonne_bunny (Adam/Sauli, NC-17)
Make Me Shiver, by i_glitterz (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)

Photo of Kris singing at his cousin's wedding, via kris_allen_ai8
Adam icons, via ontd_ai

Adam tweets BTIKM video release date and BTS video
Adam tweets his birthday wish to fans.

Drabble Meme, via hotttpockets
Kink Meme to continue for another month, via kradamadness
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