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Edition #238

Hope all of you football fans enjoyed the Super Bowl! And if you're not a football fan, I hope you had an awesome Sunday! :)

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Q Snowcase 2012 in Austria via spikedluv
Exclusive Photo from BTIKM Video via adamlambertetc
Funny Sugarscape Interview via adamlambertetc
BTIKM Music Video! via spikedluv
New Pic of Adam via adamlambertetc
Adam Lamber the New Lead Singer of Queen? (Supposedly Confirmed) article via adamlambertetc

15 Questions with Kris via krisallenmedia
Interview with ClevverNews via spikedluv
PSA For Clear Channel Communities Donors Choose Campaign via krisallenmedia
Kris Demos via krisallenmedia

Fanfic: Kris/Adam.
You're Guaranteed To Run This Town, Ch. 24 by redkislington (NC-17)
To Write Love On His Arms, Ch. 32 by fueledbykradam (PG-13)
All Because Two Penguins Fell In Love by pink_glitter_26
I'll Pick Up These Broken Pieces till I'm Bleeding, Ch. 5 by glamorga95 Subsequent chapters posted.
'59 Sound by samanthahirr (PG-13)
Kickin' It on Route 66 ~ New Mexico, 6-4 by cunningdeb (PG)
A Fresh Shave by house_of_lantis (R)
The Space Between by samanthahirr (NC-17)
Money Can Buy You Love. And Glitter. Ch. 51.3 by camillecarelli (R)
The Deal, Ch. 9 by amberwinters (R)
Brotherly Love, Ch. 69 by mhobbs0430 (NC-17)

Fanfic: Adam/Other.
Too Good To Be True by kittys_devil (Tommy/Adam, NC-17)
Leap of Faith, Ch. 13 by aidalma (Adam/OMC, R) - Subsequent chapters posted.
Behind The Bright Lights, Ch. 16 by labct1 (Adam/OMC, NC-17)
Broken Vows, Ch. 16: Morning by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Living in America by labct1 (Adam/Sauli, PG)
Forbidden by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Trade Mistakes, Ch. 15 by shadowoftheday (Adam/Tommy, PG-13)
Bite Me, Ch. 8 by sugarmouse (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
You Did This To Me, Ch. 12 by waitingforvines (Adam/Tommy, R)

Challenge 27 Results at glambert_icons

Adam tweets a link for a sneak peek of his new video.

Challenge 27 Banners at glambert_icons.
Cockbert Big Bang has begun! announcement at glam_kink.
New Kradam kink community announcement at kradam_ai.
New Contest Pimp at glam_bingo.
Wet & Wild Mini Challenge at kradamadness.
Kradam Big Bang is back with links at kradamadness.
Sign ups open at glam_bingo.
Challenge 28 is open at glambert_icons.
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