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Edition #240

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Roundup of Interviews and Appearances, via adamlambertetc
Adam performing with Queen at Sonisphere 2012, via adamofficial
Adam on Vh1 Morning Buzz, via adamofficial
Finnish Interview, via adamlambertetc
Adam Goes Acoustic on Sirius XM, via adamofficial
Popwatch Interview, via adamlambertetc
Scans from Poplick Magazine, via adamlambertetc
Demo Lawsuit Update, via adamlambertetc
MTV Next Movie Screencheck Interview, via adamlambertetc
Adam performing with Queen in Moscow, via adamofficial

Video from Kris's performance at The Mint coming soon, via krisallenmedia
Video of the Pop Diva Medley from The Mint, via kris_allen_ai8
Kris Announcing New Single on Sunday, March 4, via kris_allen_ai8

Fanfic: Kris/Adam.
I'll Pick Up These Broken Pieces till I'm Bleeding, Chapter 7, by glamorga95 (R) Subsequent chapters posted.
Money Can Buy You Love, And Glitter, Chapter 53.2, by camillecarelli (R) Subsequent chapters posted.
You're Guaranteed To Run This Town, Chapter 27, by redkislington (R)
Come As You Are, by samanthahirr (R)
The Journey, Chapter 3, by mynameright2 (NC-17)
Dressed for Facials, by tommysbitch28 (NC-17)
The Other Arithmetic, by akavertigo (PG-13)
Kickin' It on Route 66, Chapters 6-7 and 6-8, by cunningdeb (PG)
A Flat Line, Chapter 2, wizardesslyn (Multiple pairings, NC-17)
We Found Love, by puska_baby (PG)
Brotherly Love, Chapter 71, by mhobbs0430 (NC-17)
Possessed By Pleasure, Chapter 18, by kradamgasm (NC-17)
The Compassionate Kidnapper, by echelonlove (R)

Fanfic: Adam/Other.
A Sharp Sting, by kristianabel22 (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
A Different Kind of Love, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, Adam/Isaac, NC-17)
Broken Vows Verse, Part 18, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17) Subsequent chapters posted.
Clean, by i_amthecosmos (Adam/Gerard Way, NC-17)
The Master Plan, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Two Fics, by argylepiratewd (Adam/OMC and Adam/Sauli, NC-17)
Ava, by jammeytart (Adam/Sauli, PG)
Do You Like What You See?, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Control, by trina_crys (No Pairing, NC-17)
Leap of Faith, Chapter 15, by aidalma (Adam/OMC, R)
Now Mr. Ratliff, I Want To Hear You Scream, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Bound and Alone, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
A Very Happy Birthday, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Six Hours Away and I Miss You, by i_amthecosmos (Adam/Anoop, NC-17)
I Made Out With a Rockstar, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
I Want You, by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
How Do I Know You?, by jonne_bunny (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
There He Goes, Part 3, by scorpio_15 (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Cute Boys Make the Best Valentines, by mhobbs0430 (Multiple Pairings, NC-17)

Fanfic: Kris/Other.
Cute Boys Make the Best Valentines, by mhobbs0430 (Multiple Pairings, NC-17)

Mint Condition, Special Edition, Very Rare and Lined with Glitter, written by jeyhawk, read by fire_juggler (PG-13)

Adam icons, by creativeflashs
Photos of Kris and his roommates at Disneyland, via krisallenmedia
Kradam Picspam One and Two and Three, by spikedluv
Kris soundchecking in Arkansas via krisallenmedia
Vh1 Head to Toe in Style, via adamlamberetc
Photos of Kris at Wal-Mart Event, via krisallenmedia
Glam Nation Live Caps, by mileyfan08
Adam at Elton John's Oscar Viewing Party, via adamlambertetc

Demon Adam, by kristianabel22
Adam Portrait, by stitch_84

Do You Know Adam Better Than You Know Yourself?, via adamofficial
BTIKM to me in a German movie, via adamlambertetc
Adam answers Q+A Questions, via adamlambertetc
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