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Edition #241A

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Adam Answers Fan Questions From The UK via adamlambertetc
Adam Answers Your Questions About Designers via adamofficial
Adam On The Cover of Fault Magazine via adamofficial
Adam's BTIKM On VH1's Top 20 via spikedluv
Lawsuit Over! via adamlambertetc
Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Interview and Performance via adamlambertetc
Two Clips From Yahoo! OMG Interview via adamlambertetc

Kris At Disneyland via spikedluv
The Vision of Love - Studio Version via krisallenmedia
Kris Records A Message for Music Empowers via krisallenmedia
Kris Uses Video to Announce New Single Out On March 26th via krisallenmedia
Kris Will Be Live in the Vineyard via krisallenmedia
Single Cover! via krisallenmedia
Single Art & Press Release via kris_allen_ai8
Kris At Chili's via spikedluv

Fanfic: Kris/Adam.
The Journey, Chapter 4.1 by mynameright2 (NC-17) Subsequent chapters posted.
The truth is in the dirt on the ground, Chapter 6 by revontulet_iam (PG-13)
You're Guaranteed To Run This Town, Chapter 28 by redkislington (PG) Subsequent chapters posted.
Kickin' It on Route 66, Chapter 6-9 by cunningdeb (PG)
Brotherly Love, Chapter 72 by mhobbs0430 (NC-17)
Carjacked by cunningdeb (PG-13)
To Write Love On His Arms, Chapter 33 by fueledbykradam (PG-13)

Fanfic: Adam/Other.
Leap of Faith, Chapter 16 by aidalma (Adam/OMC, R) Subsequent chapters posted.
Just Love by jonne_bunny (Adam/Sauli, NC-17)
I Like To Watch by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Just A Little Curiosity by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Fuck Buddies by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Trade Mistakes, Chapter 16 by shadowoftheday (Adam/Tommy, PG-13)
Eyes of the Devil by kittys_devil (Adam/Tommy/Isaac, NC-17)
Of All The Clubs, In All Of LA, He Walks Into Mine by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
I Love The Way You Taste by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Submission by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Pretty Baby by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Broken Vows, Chapter 22 by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
You Taste Just Like Glitter, Mixed With Rock And Roll (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Blasphemy, Chapter 1 by groffiction (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
I Don't Dance, Chapter 5 by csi13 (Adam/Tommy, R)
We Dance To The Sound Of Sirens, Chapter 40, Part 1 by i_amthecosmos (Adam/Tommy, NC-17) Subsequent chapters posted.
Wake up by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Happiness in Slavery by trina_crys (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Glitter and Gore by helloiamsilver (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Against The Odds by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Keep Your Soul Like A Secret In Your Throat, Chapter 1 by i_glitterz and kittys_devil (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)

Fanfic: Kris/Other.

Scribbles written by [Bad username: shakespeares_girl], read by paraka
Take My Hand written by jerakeen, read by takola

New Photos From Digital Spy Photoshoot via adamlambertetc

Adam Tweets Kris! via ontd_ai
Adam's Tweet To Kris & Kris Responds! via kradam_ai

ALT Fandom Musical Theatre by kristianabel22

Shun The Light's First Contest Ends via atom_fic
Glamdom AO3 Tag Challenge/Contest via atom_fic
New Challenge - Mix It Up! via glambert_fic
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