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Edition #242

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Interview and Performances @ 103.7 (VIDEOS) via adamlambertetc
Listen to the remixes of BTIKM! via adamlambertetc
New "Better Than I Know Myself" Remix EP! via adamofficial
HD Video of 94.7 FM Performances and Interview via adamlambertetc
Kris (Lyric Vid) & Adam (More Promo & Remixes) via spikedluv
After Elton's 10 Hottest Men from Idol - #9: Adam Lambert via spikedluv
Collection of Appearances and Performances (VIDEOS) via adamlambertetc
New Picture of Adam in Dorian Magazine! (PHOTO) via adamlambertetc
Another Collection of Appearances and Performances (VIDEOS) via adamlambertetc

Kris to judge Battle for the Bands via krisallenmedia
Kris video shoot via krisallenmedia
Kris and Haley at Mix 94.1's Pet-a-palooza! via krisallenmedia
After Elton's 10 Hottest Men from Idol - #2: Kris Allen via krisallenmedia
More pictures from Kris's music video via krisallenmedia
Kris being interviewed for via krisallenmedia
Spoilers for The Vision of Love video via krisallenmedia
Kris Idol performance in April? via krisallenmedia
Attention vidders and other creative people! - Help create an (Unofficial) Official Video and/or Cover Art for Kris’s new single! via krisallenmedia
New song title- Day I Did You Wrong via krisallenmedia

Fanfic: Kris/Adam.
Chocolate and Wine [Rockstar!Adam AU] by tsmadeofgold (PG-13)
Brotherly Love - Chapter 73 by mhobbs0430 (NC-17/R)
Behind The Bright Lights (conclusion) by labct1 (NC17)
You’re Guaranteed To Run This Town 30/? by redkislington (R)
The journey - Chapter 5 by mynameright2 (NC-17)
"The Agony of the Present" (1/1) by lmichelle599 (PG-13)
WHATEVER IT TAKES(5/?) by imnotskerrd
Money Can Buy You Love. And Glitter. Chapter 54.2 by camillecarelli (R)
A Flat Line (Part 4 of my A Thin Line series) - Chapter 3 by wizardesslyn (PG)
Kickin' It on Route 66 ~ Arizona 7 - 1 by cunningdeb (PG)
symptom management (the triage delay) by maerhys (NC-17)
Mercury Falling ~ Chapter 6 by liveindesire (PG-13)
Lucky to Have ... Hard to Find (NYC Kradam) by cunningdeb (PG-13 (maybe NC-17 for first scene))

Fanfic: Adam/Other.
Say Please (NC-17, Adam/Adam)
six one shot fics and Broken vows chapter22 by lizibabes (R/NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
I’d rather this than a desk job by kristianabel22 (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Keep Your Soul Like A Secret In Your Throat 2/? by nearsilence (NC-17, Adam/Tommy) - Subsequent chapters posted.
What Makes a Family Chapter 5 by asherly89 (PG, Adam/Tommy)
Trapped in the Strange World of Fanfiction with Adam Lambert ch. 12 by helloiamsilver (PG-13, Adam/Tommy) - Subsequent chapters posted.
Leap of Faith - Chapter Ninteen/? by aidalma (R, Adam/OMC)
You Can Trust Me by lizibabes (R/NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Champagne or Suicide, ch 12 by kittys_devil (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
The Magic Bus by kittys_devil (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
The Happiest Place on Earth (Pays Ride Operators Shit), Chapter Ten by i_amthecosmos (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Lovers by lizibabes (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
The Good Life, Chapter 24 by squiggles36 (Adam/Tommy) - Subsequent chapters posted.
Ava - Chapter 6 by jammeytart (PG, Adam/Sauli)
If Only You Could Read My Mind. by lizibabes (R/NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
I Want You To Want Me. by lizibabes (R/NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Worthy - Chapter 21 by dreamsofspike (PG13/R, Adam/Kurt(Glee))
Naked Love by i_glitterz (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
He's just a little bit dangerous. Master post. by lovenhardt1 (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)

12 Adam icons by writinchica2k

Three Reasons Adam Doesn't Let His Mom Book Them Shows Anymore written by ladyfoxxx read by reena_jenkins

Kradam Appreciation Day #20 - Misc Picspam by spikedluv
Kradam Appreciation Day #21 - Today Show by spikedluv
Kradam Appreciation Day #22 - FanVids Take 3 by spikedluv
Kradam Appreciation Day #23 - Before the Crackdown by spikedluv
Kradam Appreciation Day #24 - Nothing To See Here, Folks, Move Along (aka Vegas, April 2010) by spikedluv
Kradam Appreciation Day #25 - Ford Day by spikedluv
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