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Edition #243

I hope everyone had a happy Easter and, if you don't celebrate it, I hope you had a happy Sunday! Anyway, just a heads up on why this newsletter is so long - I would have just kept this to about a week's worth of news, etc. but with all the album news and performance the boys have been doing, I went back as far as I could so that if you missed anything, you could still find it. So sorry about your flists, folks, but it's for a good cause, I swear! ^__^ (And sorry for the errors earlier!)

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Live Acoustic Version of Never Close Our Eyes Video via adamlambertetc
Z100 Q&A & Acoustic Perfomances of BTIKM and Cuckoo via adamlambertetc
Adam Heads East for Multiple Concerts via adamlambertetc
Adam Reveals Tracklist for Trespassing Deluxe via adamlambertetc
The Insider Excited About the Release of Trespassing via adamofficial
On the Red Carpet and Performance at NNN Awards via adamlambertetc

The Vision of Love Is Out via krisallenmedia
Catching Up With Kris via krisallenmedia
Press Release for Thank You Camellia via krisallenmedia
Album Release Date via krisallenmedia
Kris Talks About His Album via krisallenmedia
Interview with Zack Tremlay via krisallenmedia
Kris Video Premiere Announcement and Fan Package Upgrade for Album via krisallenmedia
Video Behind the Scenes via krisallenmedia
Kris Sings At 35,000 Feet via krisallenmedia
Official Music Video Premiere and Articles via krisallenmedia
Kris to Perform on American Idol on April 19th via krisallenmedia
Foundation strategy article via krisallenmedia
Interview and Performance - via krisallenmedia
Idol Hangover Interview via krisallenmedia
Access Hollywood Interview via krisallenmedia
Four Confirmed Tracks via krisallenmedia

Fanfic: Kris/Adam.
Money Can Buy You Love. And Glitter, Chapter 56.2 by camillecarelli (NC-17) Subsequent chapters posted.
Back Door, Complete by mhobbs0430 (NC-17)
You're Guaranteed To Run This Town, Chapter 31 by redkislington (NC-17)
The Deal, Chapter 11 by amberwinters (R)
The Suitor, Chapter 4 by house_of_lantis (R) Subsequent chapters posted.
Kickin' It on Route 66 ~ Arizona, Chapter 7-3 by cunningdeb (PG) Subsequent chapters are posted.
Brotherly Love, Chapter 75 by mhobbs0430 (NC-17)
One Bad Idea, Complete by wizardesslyn (R)
Don't You Even Dare (Give Me That Come Back Stare), Complete by spikedluv (NC-17)
Conversations With Aliens by moirariordan (PG)
They Journey, Book One: Save Me, Chapter 7a by mynameright2 (NC-17) Subsequent chapters posted.
On the Avenue by cunningdeb (G)

Fanfic: Adam/Other.
One Step At A Time (The Slow Ride Redo) by sperrywink (Adam/Spencer Smith, NC-17)
Happy Birthday Baby by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Just takes practice by jonne_bunny (Adam/Tommy, G)
Love Shall Not, Chapter 1 by huntersprey (Adam/Tommy, NC-17) Subsequent chapters posted.
Fiance by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Keep Your Soul Like A Secret In Your Throat, Chapter 5 by i_glitterz and kittys_devil (Adam/Tommy, NC-17) Subsequent chapters posted.
Anteeksi by jonne_bunny (Adam/Sauli, NC-17)
Broken Vows verse, Chapter 25 by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17) Subsequent chapters posted.
Trade Mistakes, Chapter 17 by shadowoftheday (Adam/Tommy, PG-13)
Leap of Faith, Chapter 21 by aidalma (Adam/OMC, R) Subsequent chapters posted.
The Happiest Place On Earth, Chapter 11 by i_amthecosmos (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Daddies by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Ava, Chapter 9 by jammeytart (Adam/Sauli, PG)
Where There's Smoke, There's Not Always Fire by labct1 (Adam/Sauli, PG-13)
Riemann by lissomer (Adam/Spencer Smith, NC-17)
Adam and Sauli Do Europe by cunningdeb (Adam/Sauli, G)
Naked Love, Chapter 3 by i_glitterz (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Shedding Masks, Chapter 1 by rephrazed (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
You Promised by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
You Can't Lie To Me by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Breaking Point by lovenhardt1 (Adam/Tommy, R)
Some things you do not tell dad, Chapter 3 by jonne_bunny (Adam/Tommy, G)
As I Lay Me Down To Sleep by mirenwe (Adam/Tommy, R)
A Monumental Journey by mhobbs0430 (Adam/Sauli/Tommy, NC-17)
pace is the trick by lissomer (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
Are You Going To Play With Me? by lizibabes (Adam/Tommy, NC-17)
The Boy Next Door, Complete by lovenhardt1 (Adam/Tommy, PG-13)

Challenge 30 Results at glambert_icons
Kris Candid Photos from 3/29/12 via krisallenmedia
Kris Doing Interviews via krisallenmedia

3 podfics - 2 Kradam, 1 Adam gen via ai_podfic
The Bowl written by jerakeen and read by reena_jenkins

Adam Digital Painting by kristianabel22

Kris pics
Where's Waldo? - Kris Allen Style!
Kris With Edens Edge
OK Magazine Pic & thanks for interview

Kradam fic recs from spikedluv
Masterlist for Round 04 at harlequinkradam
Don't Look Back In Anger - Kris performance found by spikedluv
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