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Edition #245

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Scan of Adam in Queer Magazine! via adamlambertetc
Previously Unheard Snippets of Trespassing Album (Broken English, Shady, Kickin In, etc) via adamlambertetc
Adam Lambert Makes the BullyList Official Playlist via adamlambertetc
New Trespassing Choices at AO Store! via adamlambertetc
Adam quiz via adamlambertetc
Pre-order ‘Trespassing’ on iTunes! via adamofficial
Transcript of Twitter Party! via adamlambertetc
Get an Autographed Booklet from Wal-Mart! via adamofficial
Adam Unveils 3 Exclusive Album Configurations for Trespassing via adamofficial
Adam: Underneath via spikedluv
New Adam Lambert Album Bonus Track Revealed! via adamlambertetc
Adam Talks ‘Tresspassing’ Favorite Lyrics, Influences, and a Good Cry via adamofficial
Adam and Sauli - Sesame Street Style! (PHOTO) via adamlambertetc

Kris Allen Band rehearsals via krisallenmedia
My Weakness Information via krisallenmedia
Rehearsals- Day 2 via krisallenmedia
New Kris Allen Bio via krisallenmedia
Thank You Camellia Deluxe Album Cover! via krisallenmedia
Season 11 Idols talk about Kris performing via krisallenmedia
Kris, your shirt is too tight. via krisallenmedia
Kris in the American Idol audience via krisallenmedia
Super short video via krisallenmedia
Live In The Vineyard Interview Clip via krisallenmedia
Rehearsal Picture via krisallenmedia
Kris Allen DonorsChoose Anti-Bullying Charity Drive! via ontd_ai - spikedluv is offering fic
Save The Music event via krisallenmedia
Kris Twitter Party via krisallenmedia
#KrisAllenonidol via krisallenmedia
Star 102.5 Starry Night (Buffalo, NY) via krisallenmedia
Kris on Idol: a Picspam (4/19/12) (& Kradam BB Story Update) via spikedluv
Star 94.1 San Diego Interview via krisallenmedia
Yahoo! interview after the results show via krisallenmedia
Kris thinks we're "da bomb" via krisallenmedia
Idol Slot Machines via krisallenmedia
Mix 94.1 Pet-a-Palooza via krisallenmedia

Fanfic: Kris/Adam.
Money Can Buy You Love. And Glitter. Chapter 58.3 by camillecarelli (PG-13)
Here We Rest In Peace by redkislington (R)
They Journey, Book One: Save Me – chapter 8 by mynameright2 (NC-13)
on a smile and a shoeshine by micawbish (PG)
Holding Your Scarred Heart in Hand by redkislington (PG-13)
Gone Part 1/? by stormybear30 (Slight R)
Brotherly Love - Chapter 77 by mhobbs0430 (NC-17/R for the whole story)
Kickin' It on Route 66 ~ Arizona Chapter 7 ~ 6 by cunningdeb (PG)
Gone Part 2/? by stormybear30 (Slight R)
Second Best - Chapter 76 by dreamsofspike (mostly R)
Money Can Buy You Love. And Glitter. Chapter 59.1 by camillecarelli (PG-13)
say hello to the night - 06/?? by aneck (slightly R later on)

Fanfic: Adam/Other.
How I Met You, Epilogue by moodwriter (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
the salt off your lips by flimsy (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Naked Love 6/9 by i_glitterz (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Love Shall Not - Chapters 15-19/26 by i_glitterz (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Carry Me Home Tonight, Chapter 3/? by squiggles36 (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Keep Your Soul Like A Secret In Your Throat 7/? by nearsilence (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Leap of Faith - Chapter Twenty-Four by aidalma (R, Adam/OMC)
What Makes a Family chapter 10 by asherly89 (PG, Adam/Tommy)
Rivals by lizibabes (R/NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Temptation part 2 - The Talk by labct1 (PG-13, Adam/Sauli)
A Look Back (on a wonderful time) by saar_fantasy (PG, Adam/Sauli, Kradam friendship)
Less Than Perfect - Part 1 by jojobananaface (PG13ish- up to R later, Adam/Tommy)
Keep Your Soul Like A Secret In Your Throat 8/? by nearsilence (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
The Sorts And Obstacles In The Way by i_glitterz (PG-13, Adam/Tommy/Neil)
Broken Vows Verse chapter 29 by lizibabes (R/NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
4/20 by sugarmouse (Mature, Adam/Tommy)
The Good Life ch. 29 by squiggles36 (Rating varies, Adam/Tommy)
Save Me by lizibabes (R/NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Ava – ch. 9 by jammeytart (PG, Adam/Sauli)

110 animated Adam icons by lady_rinehart

Call me home written by moirariordan, read by fire_juggler
you're dumbstruck baby (by my lovin') written by jeyhawk, read by fire_juggler

Kris & Adam: Tinhatting like a MoFo by spikedluv
Kris Excites Adam via kradam_ai
Kris Allen Collaboration With Adam Lambert? via kradam_ai
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