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Edition #248

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Review from a NON-Glambert via adamlambertetc
Idolator Interview: Career Quiz - FUNNY! via adamlambertetc
ABC News Interview via adamlambertetc
VEVO News Interview (VIDEO) via adamlambertetc
TODAY - Live Q&A With Adam on Billboard! via adamofficial
VH1 Big Morning Buzz Interview via adamlambertetc
Adam on GMA (VIDEOS & PICTURES) via adamlambertetc
Two Great Reviews of Trespassing: AfterElton and Newsday via adamlambertetc
Come See Adam Perform At The MLB Fan Cave Today! via adamofficial
Billboard Live Q&A - FULL 42 min Interview (VIDEO) via adamlambertetc
Scans of Adam in INROCK Magazine via adamlambertetc
"Trespassing" Debuts At The Top of iTunes Charts! via adamlambertetc
Trespassing Out Everywhere Today via adamofficial
Behind-the-Scenes Portraits by BILLBOARD via adamlambertetc
Google Play Exclusive Interview! (VIDEO) via adamlambertetc
MLB Fan Cave Performances & Photos (5-14-12) via adamlambertetc
DETAILS: Adam's Favorite 8 - Want to Know His Preferred Eyeliner and Condom? via adamlambertetc
Full iHeart Radio Concert via adamlambertetc
Adam Performs on American Idol Tonight via adamlofficial
LA Weekly People Scans - NEW PHOTOS! via adamlambertetc
Adam Performs NCOE on American Idol! (VIDEO) via adamlambertetc
Buy Trespassing Standard/Deluxe at a Special Price for LTO! via adamlambertetc
This post brought to you courtesy of the letters G(UH) and U(NF)!!! (plus v excite Kradam BB update) via spikedluv
Adam Tweets Teaser for NCOE Video! via adamlambertetc
KISS 108 Boston Concert (VIDEOS & PHOTOS) via adamlambertetc
Adam Offers Unreleased Songs to One Direction via adamlambertetc
A Collection of Backstage Interviews After Idol via adamlambertetc

Yong Chavez Interviews Kris Allen - Part 1 via krisallenmedia
Pixie Interview via krisallenmedia
Another interview coming up (Dial Global) via krisallenmedia
Track by Track - The Vision Of Love via krisallenmedia
Perez Hilton- performance of The Vision Of Love via krisallenmedia
American Songwriter article and Photo Depictions via krisallenmedia
Kelly 95.3 Lounge via krisallenmedia
CD Signing in Conway, AR via krisallenmedia
LA Examiner interview via krisallenmedia
Star 94.1 Lounge via krisallenmedia
The Insider interview via krisallenmedia
Track By Track - Rooftops via krisallenmedia
Fox 5 San Diego Clip via krisallenmedia
Now 100.5 Acoustic Lounge via krisallenmedia
Entertainment Weekly gives Kris a B+! via krisallenmedia
Thank You Camellia Stream! via krisallenmedia
New event and song title via krisallenmedia
Another interview coming up (Brian Mansfield) via krisallenmedia
Track By Track - Loves Me Not & Out Alive via krisallenmedia
HitFix Interview (Part 2) via krisallenmedia
Some pictures and radio event in AR via krisallenmedia
Free New York show! via krisallenmedia
Access Hollywood Interview via krisallenmedia
Shut That Door (Acoustic) via krisallenmedia
Track By Track - You Got A Way via krisallenmedia
USA Today Idol Chatter Interview via krisallenmedia
Dial Global/ Jason Bowers Interview and performance via krisallenmedia
On the road with Kris Allen Band via krisallenmedia
Kiis fm Idol party! via krisallenmedia
Rick Dees Interview via krisallenmedia
Win the ultimate Kris Allen fan package! via krisallenmedia
96.9 WINK-FM Spring Fling via krisallenmedia
Article: Yong Chavez interviews Kris Allen via krisallenmedia
Lyndsey Parker- Yahoo! Music Review via krisallenmedia

Fanfic: Kris/Adam.
Broken Open (New Chapter 7/?) by house_of_lantis (R)
The Journey, Book One: Save Me - ch. 10 by mynameright2 (NC-17)
Lost Boys ~2/?~ by saar_fantasy (PG-13 (will definitely change along the way))
Broken Open (New Chapter 8/?) by house_of_lantis (R)
Kickin' It on Route 66 ~ The End of the Road by cunningdeb (PG)
"Perfect Stranger" (1/1) by Lisa Michelle by lmichelle599 (PG-13)
Brotherly Love - Chapter 82 by mhobbs0430 (NC-17/R for the whole story)
drabble: Perfect Pet Kris/Adam by firelit_dreams (G)
WHATEVER IT TAKES(11/?) by imnotskerrd

Fanfic: Adam/Other.

Less Than Perfect - Part 5 by jojobananaface (PG13ish- up to R later :D, Adam/Tommy)
Caring by lizibabes (R/NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Leap of Faith - Chapter Thirty-One/Thirty-Three by aidalma (R, Adam/OMC)
Broken Vows Verse Chapter 37/50 by lizibabes (R/NC-17, Adam/Tommy)

Idol: An AI Podfic Anthology a.k.a. The Sooper Sekrit Paraka Podfic Projekt (~6.5 hours, 21 AI (+1 Bandom) podfics by 21 podficcers.)
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