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Edition #249

Sorry it's been so long everyone but RL has been a bit crazy for all of us but things are slowly getting back to normal. This was supposed to be up a couple days ago but, again, RL happened!

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Adam Makes MTV's '10 On Top'" via adamlambertetc
Never Close Our Eyes is on VH1's website via spikedluv
Interview in Studio Q via spikedluv
Adam on Graham Norton & MTV Canada Interview via spikedluv
Full Segment of Adam on Graham Norton & Articles via spikedluv
Bonus Track Snippet Available via spikedluv
Adam on T4:Listen and Mix 94.1's Sexiest Man of Mix via spikedluv
Adam at Alice 97.3's Summerthing in San Francisco, CA via spikedluv

Kris at Now 100.5's Pet-A-Palooza in Sacramento, CA via spikedluv
New Straits Times Article via krisallenmedia
Interview: No Holding Back via spikedluv
Out Alive on So You Think You Can Dance via krisallenmedia
Kris Birthday Picspam, Sexiest Man Poll, SYTYCD via spikeluv
Little Pawns - Happy Birthday video for Kris via spikedluv
Kris Tests Out His New Guitar via krisallenmedia
Kris Added to Collide's Line-Up via krisallenmedia
Kris Covers God Only Knows by The Beach Boys via krisallenmedia
Vids of Kris At Provident Bank Park on 06/08/2012 via spikedluv
Give The Gift Of Music video via krisallenmedia
Kris at Star 102.5 Starry Night In The Garden via krisallenmedia

Fanfic: Kris/Adam.
Gather Up the Shards, Ch. 1 by solaceatlast (R)
Finding Paradise in You, Complete by cunningdeb (NC-17)
Brotherly Love, Ch. 85 by mhobbs0430 (NC-17) Subsequent chapters posted.
Happy Birthday Daddy! by cunningdeb (G)
Broken Open, Ch. 9 by house_of_lantis (R)
I'd Still Find You by sweet_poeia (PG-13)
Happy Birthday Lover! by cunningdeb (NC-17)
A Night To Remember by lmichelle599 (PG-13)
Frontier Moon by wizardesslyn (NC-17)

Fanfic: Adam/Other.
The College Boys by nikki_lambert (R, Adam/Sauli)
Less Than Perfect, Ch. 11 by jojobananaface (R, Adam/Tommy) Subsequent chapters posted.
A Deal for Divinity by kittys_devil (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Just a Peek by pyrosgf (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
My Hero by lizibabes (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Party by lizibabes (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Ava by jammeytart (PG, Adam/Sauli)
Mine, Ch. 5 by aidalma (R, Adam/OMC) Subsequent chapters posted.
Poisoning by lizibabes (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Bullet by lizibabes (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Late Nights And Tour Buses by lizibabes (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Siren Song, Ch. 2 by helloiamsilver (PG, Adam/Sauli)
On A Night Like This by i_glitterz (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
My Dream Boy by nikki_lambert (NC-17, Adam/OMC)
In the Mirror by lizibabes (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
The Happiest Place on Earth (Pays Ride Operators Shit), Ch. 17 by i_amthecosmos (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Need You by lizibabes (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
Wicked Game by lovenhardt1 (NC-17, Adam/Tommy)
By The Grace Of Dark by nikki_lambert (NC-17, Adam/Sauli/OMC)

Tightly Knit written by jeyhawk, read by fire_juggler
A Very Magical Kidnapping written by captanddeastar, read by exmanhater

Challenge 32 Results at glambert_icons
Kris Out Shopping via krisallenmedia
Kris & ET and other Twitter pictures via krisallenmedia
Kris' Surprise Birthday Party Twitter pics via krisallenmedia
Twitter Pics of Getting Ready for 06/27/2012 Show via krisallenmedia


Harlequin Kradam Fest now accepting prompt submissions here at harlequinkradam.
Round 3: Artists Mandatory Checkpoint at kradambigbang.
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